Tuesday, March 29, 2016


This started out to be a blog about food. Then it was just a blog about anything random that I wanted to share. Now it looks like it's a blog about my lists (this one is still going!). Looking back at all the other lists and all the other posts, I can get a sense of where I was at that time, and why I wanted to do what I wanted to do. It is challenging to have some of the things looming over you, and when you push yourself to cross off something in the list, there is a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

My aunt, who will be 50 this year, told me she was working on a list of 50 things to accomplish while she was fifty and challenged me to do the same for 30. It's not like I would ever refuse such a thing, so here is a list for while I'm 30, even though I've been there for 3 months already.

It is a nice, pleasurable list, with things I love, with some things I will surely cross off, and other things that will make me push myself a little bit to accomplish.

1. Plan a trip to another continent
2. Go on a trekking holiday
3. Run a half marathon 30.10.2016
4. Make a wedding shawl for a friend
5. Read 15 books (9/15)
6. Keep some kind of journal
7. Print a 2014/2015 photobook
8. Visit 3 new cities (1/3) Copenhagen;
9. Write and submit 3 articles (0/3)
10.Write and send 30 letters (3/30)
11. Make a list with 30 songs of my life (0/30)
12. Read a book in French
13. Buy a new camera
14. Save 30% of my income
15. Read and jot down 30 poems (2/30)
16. Lead on a 5c climb
17. Learn to use R
18. Knit 3 things for myself (0/3)
19. Prepare a pitch for a new job
20. Ski down a red piste without falling
21. Read the Bible
22. Go to a glocals gathering of some kind I registered at a running club, which is basically the same thing
23. Organize a surprise
24. Sew something wearable for myself
25. Go on a >30km bike trip 4.12.2016
26. Finish 30 days of something
27. Cook and post 30 recipes (0/30)
28. Reanimate my IG account by posting at least a picture a week (36/36)* Definitely wasn't one picture a week, but since I wrote this, I posted... exactly 36 here
29. Donate blood
30. Go on a tandem paragliding ride

*This list is published while there are 36 weeks to go!

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